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Seana Adamson, Head Dressage Trainerfranktown_seana_dressage

Seana Adamson has been teaching dressage clients at all levels for over 30 years. She has won numerous year end championships with the California Dressage Society and the United States Dressage Federation. Seana has produced many horses and riders to the FEI level, however she also enjoys working with beginners, or anyone who has a passion learning. She is a United States Dressage Federation Gold Medalist, as well as a PhD psychologist specializing in Sport Psychology for equestrians.

Seana Adamson
Phone: (775) 742-8126
Email: SeanAdamson@aol.com
Website: www.SeanaAdamson.com

Stacie-PictureStacee Collier, Dressage Trainer

Stacee Collier is a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, earning all medals on horses she trained. She has been riding, teaching, and training for over 20 years. Stacee has won several CDS and USDF Regional Championships. She enjoys working with young horses and training them up the levels, and students that are eager to learn. She can work with beginners to advanced students, whether you want to learn to ride your horse for enjoyment and feel safe or you have a passion to show. Stacee is available for lessons, training, sales, show help, and clinics.

Stacee Collier
Phone: (775) 351-8093
Email: StaceeCollier@hotmail.com
Website: www.CompanionFarm.com

franktown_lindseyLindsey Sanford-Mcgurk, Novice Dressage Trainer

Lindsey Sanford has been focusing on Classical Dressage since 1998. Classical Dressage includes a rider’s focus on seat, position, and correctness of aids as well as a horse’s focus on rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness, and collection (collectively called the “Training”).  Lindsey uses classical training, trail riding, and bareback riding to improve both horse and riders confidence, balance, and mutual enjoyment. She will customize your lesson and training program to best reach your short and long term goals.

Lindsey Sanford-Mcgurk
Phone: (530) 412-2435
Email: LindseySanford@att.net